What can PureVita do?

PureVita is EPA Registered for use in:

  • Hospitals, nursing homes, medical and dental offices and clinics, physician offices, operating rooms, isolation wards, and medical research facilities.
  • Restaurants, restaurants and bars, bars, cafeterias, institutional kitchens, fast food operations and food storage areas.
  • Veterinary clinics, animal life science laboratories, kennels, dog/cat animal kennels, breeding and grooming establishments, pet animal quarters, zoos, pet shops, tack shops and other animal care facilities.
  • Wineries, dairies, breweries, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, institutional kitchens, fast food operations
  • Sanitation of both organic and conventional food and beverage plants, for use on conveyors, pipelines, equipment, floors, walls, animal housing, and drains
  • Reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membrane cleaning and biofilm removal
  • As a foam cleaner, in conjunction with Perafoam, for use on hard to clean surfaces such as walls, drains, etc.
  • As a fog adjunct for high-level microbial control
  • Sulfide oxidation and odor elimination
  • As a biocide for cooling water treatment to control microbial, slime, or biofilm growth
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