Why Buy PureVita?

PureVita is the only 100% Organic, Food safe, Non-Toxic, Kosher disinfectant on the market. It’s safe, reliable, economical, effective and environmental friendly.

Safe & Reliable Disinfectant

PureVita is the only 100% Organic, food-safe, non-toxic, Kosher disinfectant on the market. Outperformed the leading sanitizers and disinfectants as a germicidal, virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal even in the presence of organic matter.

Economical Product

PureVita is the most effective sanitizer on the market. PureVita outperforms the leading disinfectants at 1 oz/gal vs 16 oz/gal

Effective Solution

PureVita is more powerful than hydrogen peroxide or bleach. It’s the only disinfectant effective in the presence of organic matter. Requires a 3 minute contact time vs 5 – 10 minutes with other products.

Environmentally Friendly

PureVita is produced using Green Chemistry. It is 100% Organic, environmentally friendly, waterway safe. It requires no special disposal.